5 Steps to Lasting Change

It’s easy to sit around and just wait for change to happen. It takes a ton of work to truly make a lasting change. Lasting changes do not happen over night. Any time I’ve tried to make a change, I’ve noticed I will give it a try for a few days, maybe a few weeks, and then fall back into the same patterns I’ve always struggled with. Did you know it takes two or more months for us as humans to form a new habit? No wonder my changes have never lasted when I would give up after a few days or weeks. It takes real work, and I want to tell you what has helped me make changes in my life.


#1 Affirmations

Affirmations make you feel a little crazy at first. Speaking something out loud to yourself is going to feel kinda weird when you’re just beginning. It’s like you’re tricking your brain into thinking you’ve made the changes before they’ve actually come to pass. For example, if I want to wake up earlier each morning so I can work on my business, I would repeat to myself something like, “I will rise early every single morning, I am becoming who I am meant to be, I will get more work done by waking up earlier, I have no issues getting out of bed in the morning, I change my habits to become a better version of myself, I can do anything I set my mind to”. This works with anything you’re trying to achieve. The more you repeat things to yourself, the closer you will get to them coming true in your life. Trust me, it really does work, try it out for about 2 months.


#2 Prayer

Prayer is a huge deal to me. Talking to the One who created me has done so much in my life. The Bible tells us we are to be in continual communication with our Father. He is our help in our times of need. Wanting to make a positive change is a need, and He will help us when we ask Him to do so. If you are thinking “but I don’t know how to pray”, it’s really not as hard as we make it out to be sometimes. It’s like having a conversation with the best friend you’ll ever have, who will never judge you or hold anything against you. Just be completely open and honest and tell Him what you’re struggling with.


#3 Accountability

If you’re like me, you have a difficult time holding yourself accountable. Asking someone to help hold you accountable so you can change will truly help this process. This works for me because if there is something I haven’t done, and I have to report that to my accountability partner, it’s likely I will hurry and do it before the day is over so I won’t let my partner down. It puts the pressure on a little and that’s a good thing.


#4 Find your Why

When you’re wanting to make a lasting change, it’s important to know your why. Why are you wanting to make the change? For example, if your change is wanting to change your health by losing weight, your why may be something like, to feel better than I’ve ever felt, to become healthier so you can live longer for your children, to look your best, to get a job you can’t do because of your weight, whatever it may be it needs to be the driving force for change when change becomes difficult. You will have to stay consistent to be able to make a lasting change. So, write down your why and hang it up all over your home. However, it’s easy to let your why become your excuse, so don’t let that happen.

#5 Believe in Yourself

It is almost impossible to make a lasting positive change if you don’t believe in yourself. Your mindset can make all the difference when it comes to your success or failure. If you have the mindset “I will never be able to accomplish this, I’ve always been this way, I am not good enough, I am too fat, I am too skinny, I am a single mom, I am too busy” and so on, then you are right, and with that mindset you won’t be able to change. Learn to believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. Believe it.


Change is uncomfortable, but staying the same will not grow you. Instead of waiting around for that breakthrough, make it happen by changing something in your life. If you’re not willing to make a change, things in your life will stay the same. You have what it takes. You ARE good enough. You are strong. With God, all things are possible, and I know if you believe in yourself and are consistent with your daily actions towards change, you will be successful in anything you hope to achieve.

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