A Letter to My Daughter’s PICU Nurse

I am convinced that PICU nurses are some of the strongest people on this earth.

They are compassionate, yet professional. They witness so much pain and sorrow, and somehow find it in themselves to go back the next day to do it all over again. They are super humans in my eyes.

To my daughter’s PICU nurse..

I remember.

I remember how you didn’t judge me even when they weren’t sure what caused my daughter’s injuries.

I remember how I felt rejection, but felt comfort when you walked in.

I remember when the doctors gave me unpleasant news and I sat in a chair sobbing, but you kept it together even though I could see heartbreak in your eyes.

I remember the nights you stood by my daughter’s bed consoling her because I was too exhausted to stand any longer. Because of you, I was able to sleep that night.

I remember how you would spot things before they got too serious.

I remember how patient you were answering all of my questions.

I remember how that hug felt when I was alone and received bad news.

I remember you treating me with consistent kindness and treating my daughter like she was your own.

I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for not only my daughter, but for me as well. You didn’t have to sincerely care about me, because I was not your patient, but you did anyway. No matter what the prognosis, you are there to care for my daughter with all your heart, even in the most tragic times, and that unfailingly brings comfort. It’s regularly a good feeling to be moved from the PICU down to the floor, but it’s also a bittersweet feeling because no one else can care for my daughter like a PICU nurse can. All nurses are awesome, but there’s something unique about PICU nurses.

Thank you.

Thank you for all you do in front of us and behind the scenes too. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to care for my daughter, because I know those twelve hour shifts can be rough.

Without you, we would’ve had a very different experience. Thank you for being such a remarkable nurse and human being.

I am forever grateful.

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