Single Mommin It

What is single mommin it?

It’s something that I say to myself or to others when I am accomplishing something that has to do with my kids, all on my own. For example, when I post a photo of me and my kids going to the store, I will write #singlemomminit at the end, and that’s all I have to provide to get my point across.

Single mommin it means:

  • I am a strong, independent woman.
  • I am doing a great job raising my kids on my own
  • I have and will continue to make countless sacrifices for my children
  • I am exhausted, but I will persevere
  • I love my babies with all my heart and will do absolutely anything for them.

Parenting is not easy, and doing it alone is even more difficult. Single mommin it is something to be proud of. You’re out there doing everything you possibly can to benefit your children’s lives. From the time you open your eyes in the morning, until you finally close them at night for a few hours, you are making sacrifices. You feel weak, but you persevere. You’re tempted to give up and you want to run away. Then your baby comes up and kisses your cheek saying “I love you mommy”, and it all seems worth it.

You learn to accept life the way it is now, and begin confidently single mommin it. As you do this, you learn so much about yourself. You learn how strong you are, and you grow. Never be ashamed of the situation you’re in, because single mommin it is one of the most important things you’ll do in your entire life.

1 thought on “Single Mommin It

  1. Several years ago, my kids are all grown, now, I was a single parent. Even though it was only a few short years, it was long enough for me to understand the many challenges a single parent faces. I appreciate the patience, the strength, and the courage it takes to face those challenges each and everyday. I have a daughter who is currently a single parent. She is remarkable.

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